The Guardian monuments
- Negev Guardain
17 meter high, 450 Ton of cement

The guardians are giant human face sculptures, that have been placed in several locations in Israel that have been exploited by human activity.

The creation of a guardian is an authentic dialogue with mother earth, which is the womb. The result is a face of a human that is connected to the Roots. The creations resemble ancient faces of Aztec, Pagan & primitive creations.

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The Owls of Rehovot Haholandit
September 2006

These Owls statues were commissioned by H.L.R - The Company for the Developement of Rehovot in Conjunction with Rehovot Municipality.
They were placed in Rehovot Haholandit, Rehovot, Israel.

Date: 10 September 2006.

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Babla sculptures

The name "Babla" comes from the sound
Bla bla bla which describes the content in the human talk.

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